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Give Men A Little Help

How a man looks says a lot about the woman in his life. A woman exerts more influence on the way a man looks, takes care of himself, and how he is seen by others, than she might realize.

Take, for instance, the clothes he wears. Many women actually either buy the clothes that their men wear, or at least, go with him when he goes shopping and she usually gives her input. Even if she doesn't go shopping with him, he will usually buy clothes that he think his wife is going to like.

A man should always have clean underwear and socks, at least one nice suit, a nice shirt and a nice pair of shoes. He should have these things but he doesn't have to make a profound fashion statement.

If you don't take an interest in your husband's looks, not just the clothes that he wear but how he grooms himself, too, you may not be helping him help himself to the best of his ability.

This is not to say that he isn't doing a great job for himself already, because most men can and do dress themselves very well. But even the ones who do a good for themselves need a little help once in a while.

Look at his clothes, not just what he wears around the house, but what he wears to work and out in public. If you haven't been paying attention to him, believe me, others have, especially if he is not well dressed. If he is well groomed, wear clothes that fit, and is impeccably dressed, great, but if he isn't, you may need to give a little nudge in the right direction.

If he need a hair cut, point him in the direction of a barber or get some clippers and cut it yourself. A lot of men enjoy it when their wives cut their hair because it brings them in close contact with their wives, and a lot of women do a good job cutting hair.

Ask your husband to shave if he needs it, especially if you are going out. After he has shaved, have him use an aftershave lotion, or cologne, that has a very subtle, but appealing, fragrance to it. You should buy the cologne yourself, so when he is wearing it, you know it's for you.

Some men have faces that are attractive with a five o'clock shadow, but most do not. And if he has a full beard, ask him to keep it trimmed, edged, and groomed.

If his clothes are good but are wrinkled, and if he doesn't want to iron them, iron them for him, or, take them, or have him take them to the cleaners. Most men love clean, freshly ironed clothes. If he doesn't have clothes worth putting in the cleaners, a day at the mall buying new clothes should be your next big outing together.

Ladies, while we are talking about it, don't forget the shoes. A man needs a needs a new pair of shoes in his closet, no matter what. You will never know when he might need them. Remember, the right pair of shoes are always important to how good a man looks.

If you are going out for the evening, once you are ready to go, look your man up and down, and all around. Make sure that everything is in place and tell him how good he looks. A nice compliment, for most men, will be the beginning of a great evening. He will appreciate it and he will treat you like the queen that you truly are.

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