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Know Your Body

Question: What is meant by "knowing your body"?

Answer: You have to know and understand what type of body you have and what looks good on it and what does not. Although there may be similarities, no one has the same body style so everybody's body is built different in one way or another.

Your body is unique in every sense of the word. Even though you may have one hundred women in a room and all of them are five feet tall and weigh one hundred fifty pounds, no two are going to be exactly the same.

There will be similarities, but there will also be many differences.

Waist lengths and sizes are going to be different. So are the lengths of the legs and arms, the shape of the buttocks, the size of the chests, the length of the necks, and the thickness of the ankles and legs.

Each difference is going to have an effect on how fashions look and fit on each individual. Depending on body style, some fashions will look good some women and not on others.

Question: Once I determine what my body style is, what should I do next?

Answer: The first thing you can do is to determine the types and styles of fashions that accentuate your body, colors that highlight your best features, and then you have to have confidence in the way you dress and feel about yourself.

Your body build may be perfect for solid colors, some dark or maybe light colors, flowered garments, pin striped or dotted patterns, or multi colored clothing.

You may look good in dresses, or your body style may be suited for pants, pant suites, or skirts. But to be a well rounded dresser, you should not limit yourself to just one style.

Remember: Inner beauty comes before outer beauty. How you feel about yourself has a big influence on how you dress and how other's perceive you.

And what others think should not control how you dress or dictate what fashions you buy.

Not everyone is tall and thin like the models you see walking the runway. And if you dig deeper, you will find that many of them have problems with the way they look and feel, too.

Don't get caught up in the hype. What you have to do is shop for the fashions that look good on your body and those that you feel good about wearing.

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