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Evening Wear for Women

An evening out is the time for a woman to shine, especially if it is a formal affair. Let the social occasion dictate the choice of formal wear and all you have to do is get ready to knock their socks off.

Find out what other women are wearing in order to decide what is most appropriate because you want to be stylish in your own right, but not out of place.

Going to a black tie or formal social occasion signals an opportunity to wear an elegant cocktail dress, such as the ever-popular little black dress, or a long formal evening gown.

The little black dress can be "dressed up" in many ways by wearing an elegant shawl on those chilly nights and a pair of strappy sandals or by going for a monochromatic look with all black and wearing a pair of silver or gold pumps, or sexy, strappy sandals.

Most women spend a lot of time deciding what shoes they are going to wear to a special occasion. The shoes that you wear can accentuate a dress or gown in many different ways and should be comfortable on your feet.

Longer evening gowns, which were very “in” in the 1970's, are re-emerging onto the fashion scene again. Longer gowns are very polished and sophisticated for a night out on the town. Women wearing longer gowns look very attractive as they swirl about a dance floor with men in tuxedos.

Don’t limit yourself in your color choices for evening wear, but experiment instead. Be your own fashion guru and stylist by trying different looks to find what works best for you. Hold a variety of colors up to your face in order to determine which shades bring out your eyes, hair color, and skin tone.

As a general rule, warmer hues, such as coral and fire engine red look the best on brunette women and women with darker coloring, while cool pastels, such as light pink or baby blue, suit blondes the best.

On the other hand, there are some colors that are very versatile and work for almost all types of hair color, skin tone and eye color. Examples are silver and metallic gold. 

Accessories are the last things that a lady thinks about as she prepares her evening wear. However accessories are every bit as important because they pull the look together and put the elegant finishing touches on it.    

Shoulder skimming earrings are very becoming for evening wear, and in particular, when a woman wears her hair pulled back off her face. If you decide to wear larger earrings, the rule of thumb is to wear other pieces of jewelry that are smaller and always choose one focal piece of jewelry.

The same works if you choose a larger necklace, which are very much in style right now. Go easier on your earrings and your choice of a bracelet. Jewelry is something that is meant to accentuate your look and not detract from it. Accessories should never overpower any type of evening wear.

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