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Guccio Gucci was born in Florence, Italy in 1881. His company, The House of Gucci was founded in 1921, starting out as a designer and producer of leather goods in a small luggage store in london. During the 1930s, Gucci expanded his business by opening a boutique in Rome.

The bamboo handled hand bag was one of Gucci's first big fashion hits during the 1940's and since then, Gucci has become one of the most popular, and recognizable brand names.

To own a Gucci dress, hand bag, leather jacket, or a pair of Gucci pumps, is still considered chic and stylish, and modern day Gucci products are still in high demand.

When Guccio Gucci died in 1953, his sons Aldo, Vasco, Ugo, and Rodolfo took over the business and established the trademark green-red-green web as the identity of the Gucci brand.

Gucci became the symbol of luxury during the 1960's. Celebrities and dignitaries such as Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly, and other notables were delighted to be seen in elegant Gucci attire, making Gucci one of the premier fashion design leaders of the time.

The Gucci fashion empire continued to grow during the 1970's, expanding to new locations in Europe, The United States, and in Asia. But during the 1980's, while facing stiff competition and cheap imitations of it's products that flooded the market, Gucci began to wane as the world's leader in fashion design.

After the death of Rodolfo Gucci in 1983, his son, Maurizio took control of the company and started looking for ways to revitalize it's products lines. Allying himself with his cousin Paolo, Maurizio gained control of the company's Board of Directors and, once again, made Gucci a world class fashion house.

Maurizio looked outside the family for talent and in 1994, named Tom Ford the creative director of the company. In 1995, Domenico De Sole was named CEO, and together, after forming alliances with other business enterprises, they transformed Gucci into a company with several brand names in it's fold, reestablishing Gucci as a major player in the multi-billion dollar fashion industry.

In 2001, Mark Lee was named CEO of Gucci. That same year, the Gucci Group acquired percentages of Bottega Venetta, Di Modolo, Balanciaga, and formed a partnership with Stella McCartney.

Frida Giannini took over the creative direction and under her supervision, Gucci released an iconic signature leather products line called "La Pelle Guccissima."

Within the "La Pelle" fine leather trademark, Giannini also release a two piece luggage package. The first design is a chic, leather duffel bag, the second is a soft leather messenger bag with Gucci's signature green-red-green web on the shoulder strap. The collection also includes sport shoes for men and women, made from fresh suede and patent leather.

In 2008, Gucci announced the debut of it's first Heritage collection, which can be found on the ground floor of it's 46,000 square foot 5th Avenue store, which is the biggest Gucci store in the world.

Gucci has announced that it will launch several unique handbag styles, showcasing it's new new Hysteria hand bag which is made of soft metallic platinum leather, with gold ostrich skin.

There is also made a new collection of men and women's bomber jackets which are worn by celebrities worldwide. Gucci has revamped it's bomber jackets into an even more luxurious version, the dark gold metallic python with black knit collar and cuffs for women, and a royal blue python style for men.

Gucci offers a wide variety of fashionable wear, from dresses, shoes, jackets and coats, sweaters, shoes, sports wear, jewelry, perfumes, sun shades, and many other items and accessories.

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