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Choosing Clothes That Fit

Question: Am I the only one who doesn't like the way my clothes look and fit on me?

Answer: No. Everybody has bought clothing at one time or another that looked great on the rack, fit and looked good when they tried them on, but once they started wearing them, they realize that the clothes just don't fit.

Even the best shoppers and fashion experts go through this. It's all a part of buying clothes for your wardrobe and it is going to happen more than once.

But if you don't like anything that you wear, maybe it's not the clothes. It may be your choice of clothing and how you feel about yourself that make you uncomfortable with what you wear.

Or you may be, unknowingly, trying to dress like someone else or you may be dressing in a particular way to please others.

That is why you have to know your own body and what looks and feels good on you.

Don't be shy about asking the opinion of others but don't let others make your fashion statement for you.

Your body is your own personal vehicle. You ride in it every day of your life and it's up to you to keep it looking good. So what you wear, and how you wear what you wear, is a very personal issue.

Sometimes we buy clothes simply because we like the style or the color even though they are too large or too small for us and they don't fit.

And even more often, we gain weight or lose weight, which leaves us with closets full of clothes, sometimes very fashionable items, that we keep for years in hopes that we either lose or gain weight again, whichever the case may be.

And sometimes we wear those clothes anyway, even though they don't fit.

But if you are at a stable weight, neither losing or gaining weight, and your clothes don't fit, it's probably because you are buying clothes that are not compatible with your body build.

In that case, you are the only one who can correct your dilemma.

Try shopping with someone that you trust who will tell you the truth about your fashion style. Ask them to be honest with you about how the clothes look on you and whether or not they look like they fit.

This is not to say that you should buy it because they say they like it on you. You still have to make your own decisions when it comes to what you like or don't like but there is no harm in getting a friendly opinion.

Another thing. Maybe the clothes that you are buying are made of material that either shrink or expand when the items are washed or sent to the cleaners.

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