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Toddlers Fashions (Ages 3 to 5)

Fashion is something that is important at any age, and for a toddler, it is crucial. Toddlers are at the age in which they wish to assert their independence and part of this involves dressing themselves.

Does your toddler attempt to put her clothes on but then stand in frustration as the clothes fall to the floor? Does she get one arm in her shirt or one leg in her pants and then burst into tears?

No matter how fashionable you dress your toddler, and regardless of whether it is a play date and she is wearing a toddler tee and jeans, or whether she is getting dressed up fancy for pictures or a party, it matters that she can assert a certain amount of control over dressing herself.

Rest assured, that in time, dressing herself will get easier and the moments of frustration and tears will pass as she becomes more coordinated and gets more confident in dressing herself.

Guide your toddlers arm into one sleeve of her dress or top and let her find the other one. The same thing works for a pair of pants, jeans, or her pajama bottoms at night.

You should show her the proper way for one side and let her find her way for the other. Have fun with it and encourage her efforts to be an independent dresser.

Fashion for toddlers can range from traditional to custom made, from expensive designer duds like Dior, to clothes that are bought at bargain prices. Crib Rock Couture, for example, boasts hot colors, rock tee shirts, and throws in some nursery rhymes for good measure that are sure to make your toddler smile wide.

Look to the upscale boutique, Pout, for brand name clothing for your three to five year old. At Pout, you will find names like Diesel, Marie Chantal, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Verde Mela, and a variety of others.

Mothers have just as much fun mixing and matching their own colors as they do those for their toddler. You might want to play a game, such as peek-a-boo, with your toddler as she attempts to get dressed. For example, where are your hands? Oh, here they are, peek-a-boo!

Adding humor and fun to the activity of dressing will put your toddler in a good mood and should make dressing as pleasant as possible.

High-end toddler clothes can be found over the Internet, at such places like eLUXURY.com. Look for brand name labels such as Dior, Juicy Couture, Rock Republic, 7 for all Mankind, and James Perse.

Remember though, your toddler does not yet understand brand names so when you spend big bucks on your toddlers fashions, you are doing it more for yourself then for your little one.

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