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Teenage Fashions (Ages 13 to 18)

The rules of fashion are not as rigid as they once were and today’s teenagers have a new tag line, “I’ve just got to be me.” Today’s teens are bucking past trends and are not following any particular trend at all, or this is the way they see it.

For the fashion conscious middle, junior high, and high school students, those aged 13 to 18 are putting their own personalized looks together and are finding that, opposed to being ostracized by their peers, individuality is indeed the “in” thing.

Following the fashion trends, wearing baggy jeans and tee shirts, is still important to some, but others like to mix it up a bit by choosing a few pieces that are in style and then adding their own unique pieces of clothing to give them a look that nobody else has.

Teenage fashions for fall are prep school accents such as dependable tartan and tweed, and oversized bags are very much in style. Thank goodness for that. What teenager can fit all of her beauty necessities for the school day into one of those teeny weenie bags?

Even if you do not ride horses you can still appreciate the equestrian style of sleek riding boots and khaki jodhpurs. Wider leg pants are replacing the skinny leg that was favored last season and the good news is that the wider leg pant will suit teenagers of any shape and height. Shop around until you find a pair that fits your body properly.

Girls, if you buy only one new piece of clothing then make it a dress, as dresses are very much a part of the popular fashion scene this year. There are so many choices in dresses that nobody has to be left out.

On those days when you want to cover your head, reach for a beret. Berets are also making a fashion mark this year. No longer are berets just for the artsy people. Not too sure about this one? Try one on and see for yourself. 

Teenagers are very influenced by celebrities, and as they become more knowledgeable about fashion, they also have a desire to buy more expensive, luxurious items such as the new tote bags that actresses Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Alba are sporting about town. Not just any tote bag, these “Market Bags,” as they are referred to, sell for $100 or more at retail outlets but are much more fashionable than the teenage school staple, the backpack.

Celebrity fashion trends are big news as teenagers flock to the mall to buy Tory Burch shoes and Chanel sunglasses. Teens often go bargain on one item, such as purchasing tee shirts at Target, and then go high end for a purse or other merchandise that is worthy of movie and television stars.

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