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Children’s Fashions (Ages 5 to 12)

Does this sound familiar to you? Mommy, mommy, I want to look like sissy does! If yes, then you likely have a child who looks up to her older sister for fashion guidance. The desire to be a fashionista starts at a young age. 

Just as children tends to model themselves after their mother, many also mimic the look and behavior of their older siblings. Younger girls see their older sisters looking stylish, and being popular, and they want the same for themselves.

Children, aged 5 to 12, want clothes that they can be comfortable in and move around in easily, but they also want to fit in with their peers. This is not the time in their lives to stand out from the crowd.

Before shopping for your child’s clothing, sit down and talk with her about what styles and fashions appeal to her and see if the two of you can come to a consensus about what is appropriate for her to wear and what is not.

Figure out what your clothing budget is and give your child a basic idea of what you can spend on her new clothes. Making a list is always a good idea so you are not likely to impulse shop.

Fashion wise, the younger set is into a lot of plaid, as well as preppy looks for the fall season. Think dresses, skirts and pants in dark denim, corduroy, as well as kilts and argyle vests. Tee shirts that show attitude such as the notorious “Happy Bunny” are also very much the “in” fashion item for children.

Girls are mixing up their girly side with a little bit of the tomboy, such as wearing cargo pants with a pink bow belt. Boys are going for a look called the “extreme sports” snow boarder or skater look and this means baggy jeans or pants and skater shoes.

Fall colors are all around elementary schools and playgrounds and both boys and girls are wearing plenty of back to earth colors such as brown, burnt orange, and burgundy. Make sure you buy your son or daughter at least one shirt with stripes because stripes are very popular, for sure.

For those on a budget, three five pairs of pants that can be washed easily are just right for boys, along with three to five shirts, underwear, socks, a nice pair of shoes, and tennis shoes.

For a girl, a dress, one or two skirts, along with three pairs of pants and four or five blouses are essentials for that developing diva along with underwear and other necessary accessory items that she can wear comfortably.

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