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Back To School

Although many school districts around the nation have adopted year round class scheduling, September is still considered the back to school month for most kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school, as well as college and university students.

And with September comes fall fashions and a mad rush to buy back to school clothing, which means billions of dollars in revenue for retail stores, malls, shopping centers, and fashion outlets.

Catalog shopping is also a big moneymaker leading up to the first days of school because much of the merchandise on store shelves has been picked over and some clothing and accessory items, colors, sizes, and styles, may only be found in catalogs.

September is a big month for the fashion industry because of the change from summer wear to fall and winter wear, which is normally thicker and heavier for the cooler months ahead.

Because of the back to school craze and the upcoming holiday shopping season, the fashion industry, around this time of year, is totally engaged in a selling frenzy. This is when most of their profits are generated, so merchants, manufacturers, advertisers, and other fashion entrepreneurs go all out to harness their share of your shopping dollars.

Today, most children become fashion conscious at a very early age because of what the watch on television. Music video's, teen magazines, and peer pressure often dictate what is in style and what is not.

Children want what they want. And of course, parents have become somewhat obliged to buy their children the fashions that make their children feel good and be happy at school.

Going back to school in September has long been a means for students to make their fashion statements and what a child, teenager, or young adult, wears in the beginning of the school year puts them in the company that they keep for the rest of the school year.

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