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Unemployment Insurance

One of the most important insurances you can carry throughout your working years is unemployment insurance. If you are fired, laid off, or forced out of a job, you can immediately file, and if you qualify, receive a check each week for up to 6 months or more.

Even if you have worked on a job for 30 years, the company may totally shut down without much of an advanced notice, substantially reduce it's workforce, or it may move to another country, leaving you unemployed. It could happen!

You may become eligible if you are unemployed due to changes in the economy, such as a recession, deflation, if your company goes out of business, and in certain cases, if you voluntarily leave your job for "good cause."

"Good cause" may apply if you quit your job to care for a sick relative, if you have been sexually abused, or physically assaulted. Each state has it's own definition of "good cause" so it is up to the state to grant you, or to deny you, your benefits.

Unemployment benefits may also be granted because relocating might cause undue hardship, but again, it depends on the state in which you work.

Employers are required to pay for unemployment insurance, which is administered by each state and the federal government.

Unemployment insurance benefits are very important. From the time you are old enough to work until the time you decide to retire, there is no way to know if or when you may be thrust out of work.

There are several reasons why a state may deny your unemployment claim.

  • You must have been on a job for at least 12 months.
  • You are a minor working for your parents.
  • You are self employed and have not paid unemployment insurance.
  • If you are a temporary laborer.
  • If you can't prove that you are actively looking for employment.
What you receive in compensation will be determined by the salary you received during the previous years before you became unemployed. The amount of compensation may also vary from state to state.

To collect your unemployment benefits, you may be required to report, in person, to the unemployment development office in your neighborhood and sign a statement saying that you were actively looking for a job during the week.

There are documents that you must be bring with you when you apply. You must bring your last pay stub, your social security card, and a drivers license or other valid identification.

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