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"Education is very important and it's value should never be underestimated."
~John M. Roberts~

Education is a process in which knowledge, skills, customs, and other lessons are learned from formal and informal instruction, training, natural instincts, experiences, the environment, and study habits. It has an effect on the way a person thinks, feels, acts, and reacts to things that stimulate the senses.

Learning is a never ending process that begins at conception and continues throughout life. No one has ever known everything there is to know because it is virtually impossible to obtain that much knowledge, although some people actually think they do know everything.

The education process is very diverse. It helps the learner develop mentally and intellectually while he or she acquires, and then builds on, the power of reasoning and judgment. It enhances the ability to disseminate thoughts and actions in a deliberate and effective manner.

The knowledge we attain as we go through life is stored within us. We learn from the things we see, hear, feel, taste, and smell. Our senses are valuable tools for collecting and disseminating information in the education process. We have the ability to store information and then recall it when it is necessary.

Much of what we learn is passed down by our ancestors, our grandparents and parents to us. Then we pass it on to our children and grandchildren and so on and so on.

The ability to learn is the common denominator that is present in all forms of life, from single cell organisms, to insects, birds, fish, plants, animals, and human beings. All living things have the capacity to learn, whether it's from formal or informal instruction, from instincts that are a part of natural selection, or from the ability to gather and process information that comes from sources that are present in the environment.

Human beings have developed a system of primary and secondary education that begin with formal classroom instruction at an early age. This education begins with Pre-School, Kindergarten, and continues with Elementary, Jr. High, High School, College and Graduate and Post Graduate School. Other sources of formal education include Vocational, Trade and Technical Schools, and On The Job Training.

Around the world, people have grown to understand that education is paramount to improving their living conditions. Parents want nothing less than the best for their children. Many work extra hours, two jobs, and do without luxuries to make sure their children receive nothing less than the best education that they can afford.

A well educated, highly trained workforce is needed to compete in an expanding global economy so providing good schools, qualified teachers, and a curriculum that is sound is a hot button issue for parents, teachers, and politicians who want to make and keep our system of education strong and robust.

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