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Debt: When You Let Debt Control You

When debt is in the drivers seat, it will speed you out of control and wreck your life!

You believe that debt is a perpetual companion because it's been around you for so long. You let your spending habits drive you while you fall asleep in the passenger seat. You've let yourself get comfortable with your debt and you've started thinking of it as a friend, while letting it take control of your life.

You've let your uncontrolled spending get you so deep in debt that you can't see the road in front of you. Then the debt lulls you into believing that it knows how to drive and you don't have to think about the destination that it's taking you to. It appears that all is fine between you, your bad debt, and the road.

As long as debt is in control and you don't have to wake up to look at your financial road map, you feel safe and secure. You've let your debt drive you for years and you really believe that debt has always been a pretty good driver. So why worry as you are driven further away from sound spending habits?

But something has happened along the way. You are unaware that while you have been asleep in the passenger's seat and dreaming about all the things that you have bought, things that you really don't need and can't afford, your debt has been stopping along the road and picking up more nagging, long term debt.

And you still don't have a clue where your debt is taking you because you are in a state of denial. Your debt is swerving around creditors and bill collectors and driving you head on into bankruptcy, while you snooze away.

Luckily for you, debt hits a reality bump in the middle of the road and it wakes you up. Reality sets in and you start wondering where all the bad debt came from. Then you realize that it all belongs to you.

You panic, you start sweating, you can't sleep any more, you have an anxiety attack, and feel lost along the way. You start wondering where you went wrong financially and then you become aware of the fact that debt is driving you into a no man's land of financial ruin.

You don't know what to do because debt is in control and it won't let you drive. You don't know where your debt is taking you but you know that you can't keep going in the same direction.

What are you going to do? Debt can take you on a trip that you don't want to go. It can be a financial nightmare.

But there are solutions to controlling financial problems that are caused by bad debt. You have to gain control of your debt, face your financial problems, and create your own positive ending.

Read "When You Control Your Debt."


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