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Do Friends Cause Debt?

Most of us have friends who make more money than we do. They may be able to buy things that we would like to have and it may cause us to be a little envious. This can put you in situations that are hard to handle. In fact, sometimes it can be downright stressful trying to balance your friendship and your bank account.

When spending time with friends, you should always know your limitations when it comes to your budget. Always know when to say no if you don't have the money to spend, especially if it puts you in a financial strain and cause unwanted debt.

If your friends are real friends, they won't mind it when you tell them that you have to watch your budget. They will be supportive and will not try to make you feel bad if you have to refrain from spending.

When you are with your friends, always remember that just because they appear to be able to spend freely, they may be trying to impress you. They may not have the money you think they have or they may be in serious debt.

Don't let your friends spending habits have a negative affect on your pocketbook. Keep your spending habits in check and your finances in order. You will see that your friends will understand and they will respect you for being frugal and honest, not only with them, but also with yourself.

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