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Your Debt Destiny

Question: What is "debt destiny?"

Answer: Your debt destiny is where you will be in the future as far as your debt and credit are concerned. The actions you take today concerning your debt will have consequences later on in your life.

Question: Can I control my debt?

Answer: Gaining control of your debt is one of the most important aspects of your life because debt can send you spiraling down a black hole with no bottom. Whether or not you end up in debt is not simply a roll of the dice, it is a manifestation of how well you handle the daily rigors of managing your finances.

Question: What if circumstances arise that are beyond my control and I just can't pay my bills?

Answer: While accumulating bills due to circumstances beyond your control, like losing a job, getting an illness, or even a death in the family, it is still up to you to grasp and maintain a firm grip on your debt.

It is very important that you control your debt and not let your debt control you.

Most people go through unforeseen events in their lives that may take a toll on them financially. Depending on the severity of the event, they may have a difficult time getting their debt back under control. But it is something that they have to do and they must work at resolving the issues.

Question: How do I go about taking control of my debt destiny?

Answer: Controlling your debt destiny means making the right choices when you are spending. You must develop a strategy for managing your financial well being, which may take some time and effort, but it is possible to do.

Some people are great at managing their money and controlling their spending. Those who can maintain their debt and keep it in check without help have a natural talent. They are like athletes.

  • Certain athletes have natural physical talents that they were born with whiles others have to work hard to develop theirs.

Controlling your debt destiny also involves being aware of your income, your assets, and the cash you have on hand at all times. It is always important to control your spending habits.

Question: What if I don't make enough money to pay my bills?

Answer: Most problems concerning debt don't occur because of the amount of money a person earns. The problem arises when people spend more than they earn.

Financial problems do occur unexpectedly, but in most cases, spending habits are what land people in trouble with creditors.

Question: What is the most important key to gaining control of spending habits?

Answer: The key to handling money effectively and gaining control of your spending habits is learning how to spend wisely, which means not spending when you don't have to. Your financial picture can be seen at all times because it's right in front of you. All you have to do is open your eyes, look at your income, assets, and your debt, and you will see where you are going financially.

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