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8 Ways To Free Yourself
From Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt has become a major strain on people who find themselves caught up in a web of spending. Credit cards often become a crutch for people who start relying on them when they shouldn't.

Excessive credit card use is an addiction that can grow to staggering heights and quickly get out of hand. In many cases, it cannot be brought under control without proper intervention and some serious debt counseling.

People use credit cards for many reasons and most don't abuse them. The problems start when they start using their credit cards even though they have cash in their pockets, use them to buy things they don't need, or use them simply because they think it makes them look important.

When you use your cards regularly and pay only the minimum amount the credit card company requires each month, the balances add up quickly and before you know it, your cards are maxed out. That's why people find themselves owing thousands of dollars and can't seem to get their credit card debt under control.

Below is a list of ways to bring your credit card debt under control.

(1) Understand that the credit cards are not the problem. The problem lies within the person who is using them.

(2) Instead of using your credit cards, pay cash. Most businesses would much rather have you pay cash, that is, except the banks and stores who issue them to you.

(3) Realize that you can live without credit cards. Cut them up if you can't stop using them. This may sound rash, but it works.

(4) Out of sight, out of mind. If you can't bring yourself to cut them up, take them out of your hand bag or wallet and put them in a safe place. If you don't have them with you, you can't use them.

(5) Double or triple the minimum amount due. Pay off high interest cards first. The more you pay on them each month, the sooner they will get paid down.

(6) Quit applying for more cards. The number of credit cards that a person has actually adds to the problem of ever increasing debt. In reality, multiple credit cards take people to a new level of debt and financial hardship.

(7) Seek professional help. Many people don't realize that they have a problem with their credit cards until they can no longer pay the bills. A psychological disorder known as "oniomania" is a term used to describe a person who is addicted to shopping and it is especially true when people think credit cards are the same as cash.

(8) This may be the hardest pill to swallow. If you can't get your credit card debt under control with your current income, you may have to take a second job until your finances get better.

Many people use credit cards instead of using common sense. There are ways that you can free yourself of credit card debt but you have to be willing to do the things that are necessary to get your financial house in order.





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