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Are You Prepared For A Government Shutdown? You be the Judge!

We live in a society where we expect our government to take care of us. We expect everything to be handed to us on a silver platter. As U.S. citizens, we depend on our congress and leaders to provide us with every need we anticipate. We have never taken into consideration as to what would happen to us if our Government had a complete shutdown.

Our economy would be in shambles. There wouldn't be enough money to keep our government moving forward. Our stocks and bonds would be worthless. The stock markets would practically plummet into non-existence. Banks would not loan money or issue any credit cards.

Employees would be laid off and would have to go on unemployment or seek lower paying jobs if any were available. Government employees would lose their jobs. Businesses would close their doors or work with the bare minimum employees.

There would be a negative impact on the U.S. Military. Bases would have to close and the military would be unable to perform at it's highest capacity. Military benefits would be discontinued and military families would suffer. All aspects of the military would be affected.

Individuals would lose their homes and the housing market may collapse. With the collapse of the housing market, it would send a ripple effect throughout the whole economy. Senior citizens and the disabled would lose their Social Security payments and other benefits. Their would be a huge cut in Medicaid and Medicare assistance. The government funded childcare programs would be severly impacted.

Federal and state government facilities would close, such as state parks and recreation areas. The building industry would suffer a great loss.

Some people are against government policies and programs, but those same individuals are among the many that would feel the impact if our government would experience a complete shutdown. Our government is a part of our lives and without these policies and programs our society would suffer on every level.

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