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10 Ways To Keep Your Customers Happy

If you own and operate a business,  there are things you can do to make it stand out in a positive light. You have to work hard to make it grow and learn to do the things to make your customers feel comfortable about doing business with you.

Listed below are 10 things that can help you make your customers happy and keep them coming back.

(1) The customer is always right. Don't argue with them. This may be a hard pill to swallow if you can't allow your ego to take a back seat to a customer's wishes, even if you know that the customer is wrong. The million dollar question is: Do you want to be right or do you want a good business/customer relationship?

(2) There is such a thing as overkill when trying to get someone to buy a product or to get involved in a business venture. You should learn when to stop your sales pitch and let the customer make his or her decision. If you keep talking, you may end up pushing the customer away.

(3) If you have employees, make sure they are trained and know what they are talking about if questioned about a product. If they are not up to speed, they should know to tell a customer that they don't know the answer to a question but will find out right away and get back with them. Listen in on the way the person at the front desk answers the phone and greets people when they walk in. An employee who is rude or acts uninterested will turn a potential customer away.

(4) Always return phone calls, texts, or emails even if you don't want to talk to the customer. Most people want some type of contact and will appreciate it even if it is not what they want to hear.

(5) Promote your business but don't advertise it to be something that it isn't. Don't offer discounts and specials if you are not willing to let the product go at the discounted price or you don't have the product in stock.

(6) The worst scenario for a business is to either not have a contact number or to have one that has been disconnected, especially if there is no forwarding number. Most people hate talking to a machine. If someone wants to do business with you, the best way to make it happen is to have a live person on the business end of the call.

(7) It is irritating to call a business only to be transferred to someone else, then be told by that person that they can't help you, and then get transferred to someone else or back to the person who originally took the call. It is also bad for business to put a customer on hold for a long time. Leaving a customer on hold is bad enough but it's worse when the customer is accidentally disconnected.

(8) In business, your time is valuable. But so is your customers time. Don't make appointments that you can't keep and never rush in and out of appointments. Call if you can't keep an appointment and if at all possible, don't cancel an appointment at the last minute.

(9) Never interrupt your conversation with a customer to take a phone call, text, or email, and don't read messages on your computer screen unless it has a bearing on the product or service that has to do with the customer.

(10) The directions to your business is very important. Make sure that the person answering your phones know the address, landmarks, nearest cross streets, and the closest freeway exits. They should also know east, west, north, and south directions from your business location, cross streets, and freeways.

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