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Goal Setting for the Small Business
Retirement Innovations For The Middle Class
By Sam M. Ali

Goal setting for a prolonged can-do attitude is the key to owning the small business. Because it is a long, long-term commitment, it may be one of the hardest things about real estate retirement investing.

Please, treasure up in the memory that you simply don't make retirement money on real estate you don't own. Simple as that. Somebody else is. What could be better than having a complete business plan and a complete retirement plan in one? We can kill two birds with one stone. It's our best two-piece satisfaction system.

What's the best kept secret? Is it just owning a duplex, a triplex, or a fourplex? I know a number of Californians, including myself, who purchased their first fourplex that initially had a negative cash flow, say, $500 to as much a $1000/mo. But after a year, they turned it into positive cash flow. How did they do it? By refinancing the mortgage at a lower rate and by increasing the rent to fair market level.

While knowing that you are working for your retirement sanctuary, which comes with a prolonged joy for you and your loved ones, please get a grip on yourself in pursuing it vigorously with a specific due date. Just grin and bear it--owning and renting a piece of real estate is a business just like the super rich's business. Keep it a secret. Be happy deep down in your heart that you have a plan, a business plan, sure enough--a small business plan (to be more specific).

Yes, it's a secret business plan. And the best part is no one will know unless you disclose it, even when it is up and running. A secret business plan that the super rich already have, that when placed in operation, generates indisputable revenue (rental income) for the remainder of your life and beyond. It's possible to generate a never-ending passive stream of retirement income (PSORI), to supplement or replace our lost retirement annuity. Believe me. It is sturdy, reliable, and lucrative.

This is what I call the generations and generations of wealth secret. Sustained success of our business plan is based on cash flow from PSORI. And hold in mind that this will not only give your lost retirement annuity check back to you but will create generations and generations of wealth for you and your loved ones too.

The super rich teach their loved ones how to maintain their super rich status. We, in the middle class group, need to properly instill our retirement investment ideas in our loved ones so that they too can foster wealth accumulation throughout their lives.

This should be initiated from childhood to adulthood. Let us plant the seeds that will grow and preserve our values in future generations. It's a challenge in life to take care of our loved ones, isn't it? Well, your family thinking will change, being rich and happy at the same time. I believe wealth can bring happiness in my life if I know how to prospect and respect it.

This book predominately values the middle class, the working class, i.e., you and I, and this will certainly bring us more in line with the super rich's secret money making methods. A subconscious mind-set business plan from a conscious mind-set should be in the making to bring much needed wealth and entranced happiness in our retirement years.

For an ideal goal setting, I recommend the following:

(1) motivate yourself by learning some of the inspirational confidence build,

(2) Fill in the author's appreciation section,

(3) Set a date of purchase and a date of attaining the gold standard secret (between seven to fifteen years),

(4) Choose a plan of action--with a dedicated aim setting--four units, three units, two units, (5) learn all the real-time support and execution (wisdom of this book).

This is what I call a credible goal-setting secret. So please, let's roll up our sleeves and get down to business.

An excerpt from the book:

The Complete Guide To Creating Generations & Generations Of Wealth
by Sam M. Ali

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