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The Journey: A Celebration of Life
A guidebook for writing your life story
by Lee Q. Miller

Life is a journey. Most of us spend our journey anxiously wondering where the next bend in the road will take us. We are so consumed with the future that we seldom take the opportunity to reflect on the life experiences that link the past with the present. The Journey: A Celebration of Life is a guide to assist you in writing your life review.

The Journey: A Celebration of Life is an experience for people of all ages who are seeking an opportunity to reflect upon the events of their lives as they seek personal growth through self-discovery. The Journey provides an enjoyable experience as you remember the past and recognize the people and events that have helped shape you into the person you are today. This book can help you to share your values, beliefs, ethics, and the lessons you gleaned from the successes and failures of your life's experiences. You will be able to share your wishes, dreams, and visions for the future, and prepare a priceless legacy that future generations will cherish.

With this guidebook, you can preserve family history and legends. It is an opportunity to create memoirs that can be published. As you link the past and the present, you have a greater understanding of life's transitions, and you may experience resolution to broken relationships, conflicts or fears. The Journey provides encouragement, hope, a sense of peace, comfort and healing, and the courage to accept one's inevitable mortality. The Journey helps you celebrate your life more completely.

The Journey: A Celebration of Life begins with a how-to section, followed with a section of the tools necessary to make the trip an enjoyable adventure. Incorporated within the test are suggestions for information to include in your notebook such as genealogies, scrapbook memorabilia, photographs, poems, quotations and inspirational meditations. Each of the sections provides you, the traveler, with questions that will encourage reminiscence of each stage of life. At the enc is an opportunity to create an Ethical Will/Legacy Letter that reflects and summarizes your values and provides a written legacy of how you want to be remembered.

You may choose to take the journey alone or with a companion. You may want to involve the entire family. The choice is yours. Sharing the journey can help you tackle those difficult issues and stay committed to the task of completing the process.

Preserving your stories may be done with a combination of technologies: audio or visual recording, computer transcription, photocopying or scanning, handwriting, and scrapbooking. The Journey serves as an easy-to-follow guide for a beautiful reliving of these priceless memories.


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