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Strategic Alignment
The Business Imperative For Leading Organizations
by Dr. Etido Oliver Akpan

The Essence Of Strategic Alignment

This book is based on a study that was conducted by the author while concluding his doctoral dissertation. The deficiency of strategic alignment is a very major problem plaguing various companies today, and this has robbed many businesses of economies of scale. The absence of strategic alignment is the reason many businesses do not obtain value from IT investments.

A typical business manager and executive has problems comprehending and acquiring a systematic and holistic concept of information systems (IS), and this apparent disconnect between business and information technology (IT) results in strategic misalignment between business and IT.

The insufficient utilization of information technology is a major problem confronting both business and IT leaders. Strategic alignment continues to be a major issue currently facing many organizations.

Because of information technology's strategic necessity to business today, most IT executives have come to the realization that IT personnel are terribly deficient in business prowess and education.

The significance of this problem cannot be overemphasized. It is not only the alignment of IT goals with business goals that poses a problem to business leaders, but the alignment of business with IT also presents challenging tasks to organizational policy makers.

About the author:

Dr. Etido Oliver Akpan has several years of experience in both service and other sectors. This includes more than eight years at FedEx Express and many years in manufacturing. His diverse backgrounds surpass domestic and international business operations.

The author holds Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, Bachelor of Science in Bible, Master of Business Administration in General Business, Doctor of Business Administration in Information Systems.

Dr. Akpan is a professor of business and information systems at Strayer University, and has taught at South University, Webster University, Regions University, and Colorado Technical University. He is an independent business consultant.

Dr. Akpan is also the author of Finding and Keeping Your Significant Other: A Formula for Discovering and Building a Lasting Love Relationship.

The author and his wife, Adrianne, have three children - Etido Jr., Abigail, and Isabela. They live in Memphis, TN. It is the author's belief that this book will be a great resource for all business and information technology professionals, and graduate students alike. Please visit www.DrAkpan.com to learn more about the author.

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