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Leadership Is A Choice
Conquer Your Fears And Make The Decision To Lead
by Kenneth E. Strong, Jr. and John A. DiCicco, Ph.D.

"When a position in management opens up, will you make the 'short list' of nominees? When your annual review comes along, do you have the 'leadership qualities' necessary to climb the corporate ladder? More importantly, are great leaders born? Or are they made?

In this unique blend of narrative fiction and study-guide, authors Ken Strong and John DiCicco tell us the story of Mike. He's an ex-drill sergeant, a good father, and a solid employee. But it's been a long time since he trained new military recruits to become seasoned leaders. When a position in management opens up, Mike's hesitant to apply. With the mentoring of a CEO that sees his potential, and the help of a lovingly honest wife, Mike relearns that most important of lessons, that Leadership is a Choice.

Each chapter follows Mike's immersive story and explains invaluable management wisdom from the process. Following each section is a study guide with explanations that further illuminate the most important steps in becoming a leader. With this straightforward, example-driven method, learning to become a great leader has never been easier. In this book, you will find the keys and principles that will make you the kind of leader that others want to follow, the kind that earns respect. Don't allow that possible promotion to pass you by. Be the leader that your employer is looking for. Whether you've ever thought you would be able to lead before or not, you can now, because Leadership Is a Choice."

About The Authors:

Kenneth E. Strong, Jr. MS

Mr. Strong holds a master of science in health care administration from Salve Regina college and a bachelor of science in health services administration from Providence College.

A health care executive for more than thirty years, he has had articles published by the American Geriatric Society and spoken on a variety of topis for the American College of Health Care Administrators and the New England Not-for-Profit Providers conferences. He has also served as an adjunct professor at Stonehill College.

Mr. Strong established the North Hill Academy, a corporate training center focused on leadership training for all levels of employees in a continuing care retirement community, the first of its kind in New England.

Mr. Strong was formerly the leadership development specialist for the city of Virginia Beach, where he designed and developed leadership programs for the new supervisors and middle and upper managers based on the West Point Leadership Program.

He has been certified as a master trainer by Langevin Learning Services and by Walden University as an online instructor.

Mr. Strong is the Executive Director of Glenwood Retirement Community in Marietta, Ohio.

John A. DiCicco, Ph.D.

John A DiCicco is the Campus College Chair of Graduate Business Management Programs at the University of Phoenix, Massachusetts Ground Campuses. his work centers on building a strong graduate program based of project-based learning in leadership, management. His courses on leadership are among the most popular on the Massachusetts Campus.

DiCicco was past president of Organizational Analysis Systems, a management consulting group located in Brockton, Massachusetts. OAS specialized in consulting and training upper-and mid-level managers to be more responsible leaders in their respective fields. Although OAS consulted and trained in many industries that are both privately and publicly owned, many of it clients were representative of healthcare or healthcare-related organizations. He is a member on the Department of Management at Curry College. Presently, he holds the rank of senior lecturer plus. John is qualified to teach economics, employment and labor law, collective bargaining, business ethics, organizational systems and processes, leadership, human resource management, personal finance, international business, and senior seminar.

John has a Ph.D. in higher education administration and professional development at Capella University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is the past chair of the Old Colony YMCA Youth Division Board of Governors and remains an active member. He also is a member of The American Association of University Professors. He and his wife, Gale, have been married or thirty years, and they have a son, Eric, who recently graduated high school from the Brockton School System and is now attending Massosoit Community College.


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