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The Type II Leader
by Senyo Adjibolosoo

Contrariwise, the immature leader, the Type II leader, works harder to avoid personal disillusionment, self-criticism by others, loss of prestige, or popularity. The Type II leader pursues contemptible human ideologies personal power, revenge, and authority. He or she uses them to accomplish intended personal objectives regardless of whether the ideologies being pursued and the means being employed are commensurate with the dictates of principles.

The Type II leader draws inspiration and power from his or her emotional clock and image. The phrase, emotional clock and image, is used here to represent how certain peoples's attitudes and actions depend on the cyclical emotions they fell and the types of images they wish to project. As such, their lifestyle is not necessarily principle-centered. Instead, their cycles of emotions and the types of images they wish to project control their way of life.

The Type II leader always demands unabashedly the service, praise, and allegiance of other people without any reservations. In the courts of the Type II leader there is no room for dissenters. The utterances of such a leader are humanly crafted laws that ignore the rule of law, the civil liberties, and the tenets of principles. They terrorize their opponents with dire consequences such as severe torture and loss of life.

In contrast to Type I leaders, Type II leaders are dictators, ruthlessly ruling with the shedding of blood and an iron hand. They are usually cruel and mercilessly mean to their subjects, especially their opponents. since they are convinced about what they intend to do, they have little respect for the lives of their opponents or their previous supporters who have fallen out of their favor.

They have little notion of what it means to serve others. Their leadership feeds on hearsay and gossip on one hand and personal hunger for authority and power on the other. Their loyalty to principles flickers like the flames of kerosene lamps in a tornado. Theses leaders rule others according to the spirit of anger, bitterness, intimidation, vindictiveness, and revenge. This spirit lies at the foundation of their personal character. Whatever they feel at any time becomes the law for everyone but themselves.

They take pleasure in making others suffer while their leadership goals are being accomplished. They revel in their cruelty to other human beings who stand in their way as they march toward the ruthless accomplishment of their clandestine objectives.

Excerpt from The Human Factor in Leadership Effectiveness by Senyo Adjibolosoo.

Senyo Adjibolosoo has a doctorate degree in economics from Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. He also holds a postgraduate Education Specialist Degree from Point Loma Nazarene University.

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