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The Type I Leader
by Senyo Adjibolosoo

The Type I leader is honest, selfless, and serviceable. The Type I leader is principle-centered. This leader is the individual who is primarily inspired by and aspires to the dictates of principles. This individual is a unique trailblazer in serving and leading others. He or she begins with principles and ends with the right concepts.

Such leaders promptly confront issues without procrastination. They exercise courage and boldness. They also pursue kindness, justice, righteousness, and personal humility and fairness. they focus on serving others rather than being served.

The qualities being mentioned here may exist in the individual as a result of either hereditary or nurturing (i.e., education, training, socialization, mentoring, etc.) or both. In most cases, it is these two together that make it possible for the individual to possess these qualities (i.e., recall the nature-nurture debate).

Though not everyone who possesses these qualities becomes a President, Prime Minister, Manager or Chief Executive Officer they improve the chances of being more successful at the performance of one's tasks. It is also important to note that every human being is a leader of some sort in his or her own little corner.

Regardless of what the resulting consequences may be, it is not the intent of the Type I leader to compromise personal integrity, respect, responsibility, accountability, commitment, self-control, loyalty, trustworthiness, or honesty under any circumstances.

Though the type I leader may not necessarily know the results of a particular set of actions he or she advocates, it can be argued that in his or her understanding, principle-based action will produce positive results in the long term, no matter how long the time period this result takes to happen.

One needs to keep in mind that there are hindrances to overcome. It is these obstacles that may alter the course of events until they are successfully overcome. It is these obstacles that may alter the course of events until they are successfully overcome. It is also important to know that there could also be conflicts between the ideas of the members of a leader's constituency and his or her commitment to principles. If these are actually principles, the leader will be exonerated in the long-term.

However, if a leader is clinging to a personal value system, he or she may fail in the long-term. A leader does not have to serve a homogeneous group to be successful. As long as a leader's program of action is principle-centered, he or she will achieve great successes. This is because relentless adherence to principles will bring about true justice, liberty, fairness, and equity in the long term.

Unfortunately, leaders who fail to pursue principle-centered policies will experience serious conflicts with members of their constituencies. The services a leader performs on behalf of his or her constituent members come from personal dedication by giving a chance to principle-centered plans, policies, programs, and projects to work for the benefit of all community members.

The Type I leader learns to serve others according to the dictates of principles. The Type I leader does not only comprehend what peace means, but also pursues it personal relentlessness and passion grounded in integrity.

To the Type I leader it is important to discover one's potential and develop it to it's fullest in line with the dictates of the principles. Such a leader is not captivated by external achievements, awards, and rewards, but by the development of talents, abilities, and human qualities that are relevant to leadership effectiveness as it commensurate with the prescriptions and proscription of principles.

Excerpt from The Human Factor in Leadership Effectiveness by Senyo Adjibolosoo.

Senyo Adjibolosoo has a doctorate degree in economics from Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. He also holds a postgraduate Education Specialist Degree from Point Loma Nazarene University.

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