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Insights Into Leadership Effectiveness

Effective leaders discover who they really are in their inner person and how they must change according to the elements of the principles they hold. Their search for knowledge, understanding, and truth leads them to discover the wisdom that informs and promotes quality life.

Their ability to integrate acquired knowledge leads them to higher levels of comprehension. As this process continues they work to live their lives in harmony with principles. These leaders know and understand clearly the primary purpose and intent of one of the key HF axioms of leadership effectiveness.

According to this axiom, no human being should ever be considered for any leadership position that requires love, integrity, trust, responsibility, respect for people and the rule of law, human rights and dignity, tolerance, and accountability unless he or she is known to have a track record of striving to live by the dictates of principles.

Any individual who is found worthy of being honored as a leader must also perceive that personal attitudes and actions that are in complete contradiction with and violation of the precepts of principles do not only miss the mark, but also are universally wrong.

The rationalization of wrong decisions does not make them right. For example, a wrong committed cannot be justified under any circumstances. Such actions are neither valid nor acceptable.

The nature of principles establishes that what is wrong will always remain so without exceptions. Similarly, changing human values and desires cannot rewrite principles. Universal principles pre-date human life on earth and cannot be altered by humans according to their desires.

Though some individuals decide to pursue human values and live as they desire or by rationalizing and defending their wrong decisions, it is impossible for them to change any principles. The good and honest Type I leader believes in and accepts the validity and dictates of these principles, and works to live by and defend them even unto death.

Detailed analyses and discussions are presented on Type I leadership. From this discussion, Type II and Type III leadership are deduced and briefly discussed.

Excerpt from The Human Factor in Leadership Effectiveness by Senyo Adjibolosoo.

Senyo Adjibolosoo has a doctorate degree in economics from Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. He also holds a postgraduate Education Specialist Degree from Point Loma Nazarene University.

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