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Delegating Authority

One of the biggest obstacles to building a successful business is the inability or the unwillingness to find the courage to delegate authority.

Many business owners can't concede a little authority to the people who work for them. They don't trust others to make decisions. They micro-manage every detail of their business, thereby hindering others from putting forth their best efforts.

Many business owners are obsessed with the idea that they started the company and it's making them money. They don't have the ability to pull others into their circle of confidence to help grow their business. They dismiss or belittle the ideas of others and they can't picture in his or her mind how the ideas of others might make their company bigger, better, and more profitable.

In many cases, it's not that they lack confidence in others that keep them from delegating authority. The problem is that they lack confidence in themselves. They often see others as a threat and they do everything to keep total control of their business.

A good leader knows how to appreciate the input others bring to the table and when to delegate responsibilities. They look for the most talented people to do certain jobs and they empower them to work freely. Good leaders know what to look for in others and they continually cultivate and motivate them to take leadership positions within the company.

Delegation builds self esteem and creates confidence in the workplace. It is a key ingredient to building teamwork. A good leader puts trust in others around them and let's them know that they are valued for their knowledge, leadership skills, and work ethics.

In a growing company, there has to be shared responsibilities, especially when the workload becomes to much for one person to handle. If a leader does not learn to delegate, the company can falter, become stagnant, or simply disintegrate.

A good leader builds a team of trusted advisors. He or she knows how to use the talents of others to build a better company. They choose people who are just as smart or smarter than themselves and they listen and act on the needs of those they place in leadership positions.

A good leader has to be open minded and learn how to take advice from others. And above all, they should never discount the opinions of others because those opinions may be good ones. A closed minded leader looses the trust and the willingness of others to voice their opinions. In the long run, when employees and associates feel that they can't communicate their ideas, it hurts the company.

In essence, some leaders just don't have the confidence in themselves to delegate authority to others. In order to overcome this problem, they have to let go of their insecurities. They have to admit to themselves that they have issues of trust. They have to work on building their own self esteem and learn that the delegation of authority may help their company in long term growth and development.

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