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What is coaching and how does it bring about positive change in the workplace?

Coaching is used to facilitate the development of higher skills and as a performance enhancement for employees and managers in the workplace.

Coaching is being used in the workplace by more and more companies as a way of re-teaching leadership skills to those who are in leadership positions because, over time, they can become complacent and lose sight of the goals and aspirations they started out with.

A good workplace coach knows how to get the best out of managers and employees by inspiring them to put forth a greater effort for the overall benefit of the company, which in turn, is beneficial to the long term financial health of the managers and employees themselves.

To effectively coach is to teach, to motivate, to bring forth ideas and creativity, and to unlock hidden talent. Many people don't realize their worth until it is coached out of them. They don't know that they have much more to offer in terms of intelligence and organizational skills.

Workplace coaches know how to engage employees in subtle conversations that are meant to brings forth meaningful ideas and talents that were there all the time but were buried by time and basically unused.

Coaching tugs at a person's inner self, brings out strength and confidence, and then encourages creative thinking and proactivity. It helps build a broader sense of self awareness and makes a person see and understand what is going on around them. It teaches us how to control our time, how to manipulate our surroundings, and how to manage risks.

In a word, coaching can be used effectively to bring employees and managers together as a cohesive unit, promote harmony in the workplace, to help bridge lines of communication and to enhance the likelihood of greater productivity.


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