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by John M. Roberts

Stop The Harassment Immediately:

Are you behind on your house payments, credit cards, and other bills with no idea how you are going to come up with the money to catch the payments up?

Are you spending too much of your time worrying about your credit score and how it will affect you in the future?

Are you getting harassing, threatening, telephone calls from your creditors all during the day, on weekends, and sometimes on holidays?

Do you dread picking up the telephone for fear of having to talk to the person on the other end who doesn't have a clue about what you are going through financially, and probably don't care because he or she is being paid to make the calls?

Are you having anxiety attacks, rising blood pressure, and an overall feeling of doom and gloom because you can't pay your bills, your home is in foreclosure, or the lender is threatening to repossess your car?

More and more people are starting to feel the pinch because of economic woes, layoffs, unemployment, high gas and food prices, and a general feeling of depression brought on by the constant harassment of creditors who don't understand the financial predicament that you are in.

There is relief. Bankruptcy Laws have been upgraded to allow you, the consumer, to get a break and start building your credit anew.

To stop the harassment immediately, you can file bankruptcy yourself, or hire an attorney to file for you. By filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 petition with the court, an "Automatic Stay Order" will be issued, thereby putting you under the protection of the law.

This will prohibit any further actions by your creditors to collect a debt from you and the telephone harassment calls will immediately stop. If the calls don't stop, the creditor will be in violation of the law, and by informing the court, action will be taken against the creditor.

This will give you time to collect your thoughts and work out a plan, under the supervision of the courts, to get your debt and credit history back in order. Bankruptcy will stop any foreclosure action, car repossession, and provide an avenue for repayment of credit cards and other debt obligations.

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