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by John M. Roberts

Credit problems have become a way of life for many people who can't seem to get back on track after accumulating what appears to be an insurmountable and ever growing burden of debt.

Lifestyles are specifically affected during periods when the economy goes into a recession, while food, clothing, gas, transportation, and other necessities rise in price due to inflation at the same time. The burden of debt gets heavier while the debtors, no matter how hard they try, can't seem to make progress in paying down bills and reestablishing good credit.

Creditors, who have the rights, by law, to collect on the debts, often feel that calling and harassing people, everyday, at any hour, is the right way to go about making the debtor uncomfortable enough to pay up.

Although there have been laws passed to regulate the times in which creditors can call you, some of the more adamant creditors put the debtor's telephone number on automatic dial up, and the calls are spaced during the day at set intervals, even on Saturday and Sunday.

The phone starts ringing early in the morning, the earliest possible begin time allowed by law, until late in the evening, the latest evening end time that the law allows.

What many creditors don't seem to understand is that most people will eventually pay their debts, but getting all the telephone calls pushes them into a position, mentally and physically, where they either get fed up and angry, and refuse to pay, or they just quit answering the phone, especially now that the creditors caller ID is displayed on the screen when they call.

Many people feel that their only alternative is bankruptcy protection. U. S. Bankruptcy Laws were created by Congress to provide immediate relief from creditor harassment and to give a temporary safe haven for debtors who can then start working to rebuild their credit history.

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