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Valentine's Day Teddy Bears

A soft and cuddly Teddy Bear, along with a box of chocolates and a dozen roses are special gifts that make women feel loved and cherished and Valentine's Day is always the right occasion for a man to shower his love and affection on that special woman who put that love in his heart.

Valentines Day comes in February, one of the coldest months of the year, yet, this is the month known for love and passion. The gift of a Teddy Bear heats up the essence of the body and soul and makes Valentine's Day one of the warmest days of the year regardless of how cold it is outside.

Teddy Bears have come to symbolize warmth and tenderness, and like roses, a woman can never get enough of them and there is no better gift than a Teddy Bear with a heart sown across it's chest that says "I Love You!"

From the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, flower shops, department stores, gift shops, side walk vendors, convenience stores and card isles in super markets, drug stores, discount stores are filled with gifts and you can bet that Teddy Bears are going to be in all of them, too.

Valentine's Day Teddy Bears are made in all sizes, from miniature to very large, and for that special day, most of them are going to come in combinations of pink, red, and white, which are the colors of love. And Teddy Bears are so huggable and lovable.

Like Christmas and birthday's, you can find an assortment of beautifully dressed bears on Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day bears may be adorned with hearts, flowers, and other romantic symbols. They will probably be plush and stuffed with very soft materials.

Certain Valentine's Day Teddy Bears are considered to be very collectible. Some companies make only a certain amount and they may be sold in limited editions.

The price of Teddy Bears may range from a few dollars to well into the hundreds, depending on what they are made of, how many of a certain kind are produced, and whether or not they are collectible.



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