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Birthday Teddy Bears

Most people think that their birthday is the most important day of their lives and they celebrate it with parties and fun with family, friends, and co-workers. What has become one of the most precious birthday gifts that are given today is the Teddy Bear.

Today, Teddy Bears are sold by the millions all around the world and they are bought and collected as antiques and collectible objects. Many are worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars and their popularity continues to soar with each passing year.

The reason Teddy Bears are so desirable is because of their history and the fact that they are loved by almost everyone who has ever owned one. And it doesn't stop there because Teddy Bears are nice to look at and they are comfortable just sitting around.

There are many different types of Teddy Bears and designers and manufacturers are always coming up with ways to make them more appealing. They can be dressed like everyday people and they can be stylish and fashionable.

Teddy Bears are a symbol of friendship, warmth, peaceful bliss, and above all, love. To hold a Teddy Bear close to the body is like hugging a loved one and many people feel a close bond with them because the are so huggable.

Collectors and bear buffs have loved Teddy Bears and other Teddy Bear memorabilia for many years. From the day in 1903 that President Teddy Roosevelt, while on a hunting trip in Mississippi, refused to shoot a bear that had been captured and tied to a tree, there has been a Teddy Bear craze.

Over the years, Teddy Bears have grown to be a gift giver's dream, especially for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Valentine's Day, because they are always just what the doctor ordered for a large smile and good feelings.

Teddy Bear birthday gifts include books, pictures, movies, CD's, and all sizes, styles, and colors of the huggable stuffed animal. You can find them in one form or another in almost any gift shop, department store, super market, drug store, airport gift store, and many other stores and boutiques.



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