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Rare Coins

The hunt for rare coins can be a real adventure with many twists and turns. It doesn't matter if you are a beginning collector or a seasoned numismatist, collecting rare coins is a wonderful and profitable hobby.

Starting around 1965, most coins that were made using silver and gold were discontinued and made thereafter with base metals. That started the mad hunt for old and rare coins and the general circulation of silver and gold coins all but dried up.

Coin collecting went from being a hobby to a real industry in itself. Up to that time, most amateur collectors found their coinage by looking through coins that came to them through general circulation.

Today, coins like the Morgan dollar, Mercury dime, Buffalo nickel, the Walking Liberty half dollar, and the Indian penny, are hard to find circulating in the general circulation of coins.

But that is not to say that they are not out there. They are just snatched up by anyone who knows anything about rare coins when they see them.

Coin shops are a good way to start searching for your collection or adding to what you already have. You can find a coin shop in most cities and towns and most have a large selection to chose from.

You can also purchase coins through mail order catalogs, shopping out of the convenience of your own home.

Coin shows are another good way to buy coins, and the good things about going to coins shows is that you get to see the coins before you make the purchase.

You can browse through isles and isles of display cases and take the time to check out the prices and make comparisons and then make the right choice for your collection.

Coin auctions make up a huge portion of the coin collectibles industry. At auctions, rare and old coins, some dating back centuries to early Greek and Roman periods are often put up for bid.

Major players in the bidding wars, collectors and dealers, often go for the prized coins that are up for bid, so a novice collector may find items that may not be noticed by the big bidders and walk away with some good buys for himself.

Do your research before bidding on any item because what you purchase at an auction may not be returnable and there may be a premium fee if you are a successful bidder.

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