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The Copper Age of Comic Books

The Copper Age of comics began in 1984 and ended in 1992. The copper age saw significant changes in comic book storylines and updated many characters and either brought back discontinued characters or reestablished them in a more modern setting.

A new generation of readers instigated a much higher craving for action and updated graphics, material, and storylines. Writers and publishers went to work making comic book characters more lifelike and even more human.

During this period, the world of comic books took on a whole new meaning as readers began flocking to the stores to read about their favorite heroes. The change in storylines became noticeable as a more darker-tone stories began to emerge.

The competition for comic book dollars during this period saw Marvel, DC, Image, Dell, Quality, Topps, Valiant, Dark Horse, Gold Key, and other comic book publishers competing vigorously for their share of the market, thereby putting out more and better quality stories, magazines, and graphics.

Antiheroes became the characters that made comic books sale, just as much or more than the traditional heroes. Wolverine, Morbius, Ghost Rider, The Punisher, and other characters fought crime and injustice, but just within the boundaries of the law.

The traditional heroes, Iron Man, Green Lantern, The Avengers, Spider Man, Bat Man and Robin, The X Men, The Fantastic Four, Super Man, The Silver Surfer, The Justice League of America, Flash, Hawkeye, The Hulk, Wonder Woman, and Dare Devil were still around battling old and new adversaries.

Female super heroes and other characters, both good and bad, made an impact during this period. Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Huntress, Red Sonja, Sheena, Electra, Vampirella, Power Girl, Super Girl, Black Canary, Bat Girl, and Phoenix were very popular.

The copper age brought comic book characters in line with the real life generation X. These characters worried about money, financial security, and where their next battle would be fought, but they did not worry about being politically correct.

The Copper Age of comics was a great lead in to the Modern Age of Comics because, with the coming advances in computer technology and graphic design, the internet, and satellite imagery, information around the world became more accessible and opened the door for a greater readership of comics and super hero movies.

As with all antiques and collectibles, the economy has a strong role in the selling of comic books, figurines, collectible cards, dolls, and comic book collections. If the economy is good, the market for comic books and other collectibles become energized but when the general economy is bad, so goes the antiques and collectibles business.

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