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The Bronze Age of Comic Books

The Bronze Age of comics, 1970 through 1983, brought forth storylines dealing with social issues of the day. Super heroes were made to show the human sides of their personas, dealing with day to day events such as the deaths of friends and family members, metal illnesses, and other real life experiences.

As collectibles, the bronze age of comics offer an amazing array of books, magazines, posters, toys, games, fashions, and other memorabilia. Figurines, costumes, trading cards, and other comic book memorabilia became huge sellers.

Television series with super hero characters were hits with shows like Spider Man, the Incredible Hulk, Bat Man, Super Man, The Six Million Dollar Man, Wonder Woman, The Bionic Woman, Captain America, and others.

Drugs, alchohol, chemical and biological warfare, diseases, and other issues became the storylines that left even the mightiest of super heroes wondering about their own futures and the future of mankind.

Spider-Man, Green Arrow, and Bat Man tackled the crime of drugs on our streets, drug addiction, and drug dealers. Super Man, The Avengers, and Captain America fought against nuclear and biological warfare that threatened the very existence of the planet.

The Fantastic Four, The Green Lantern, The Scarlett Witch, and other comic book characters battled crime while dealing with their own family issues. Children became the center point of many of the stories and events that shaped the comic book genre.

Writers tapped into the popularity of existing characters and expanded the storylines to give them real life scenarios and to make the characters take on emotional and sensitive qualities.

New heroes, as well as villians, made their entrances in the world of comic books during this period. The X-Men were revamped with new characters like Wolverine, Storm, and Thunderbird. Blade, Morbius, and Tales of Dracula, and other characters also debuted.

During the Bronze Age of comics, many of the same super villians that threatened the peace and security of mankind still battled super heroes to the death. Magneto, Dr. Doom, Thanos, The Joker, Dr. Octopus, The Riddler, The Penquin, and many others still tried to take control of the world or destroy it totally.

Wolverine and Storm have become two of the most recognizable and endearing of super heroes to appear during this time, especially to the younger generations of comic book readers. Blade has also become popular with storylines about vampires and other unworldly creatures.

The Shadow, Black Canary, Dr. Mid Nite, Manhunter, Metamorpho, The Phantom, Sgt. Rock, Dick Tracy, Adam Strange, S.H.I.E.L.D., Shanna, and Howard the Duck are enjoyed success during this period.


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