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Searching For Antiques

First of all, unless you have a very large storage area, you may not be able to keep everything you find when you start searching for antiques and collectibles. But, as long as you have a safe and sane place to keep what you find and if they don't become an eyesore or a hazard to others, or to yourself, you can collect to your heart's content.

There may already be many collectible treasures all around you and the hunt for them will be where the fun comes in. You just have to decide what it is you want to collect and if you have the money to buy them or if you are going to trade or barter.

You can start collecting for your own personal pleasure or you can do it as a business. The fun of collecting antiques and starting your own antique collection is learning the business. After a while, you will be able to spot certain items of value immediately or know what names or marks to look for on paintings, furniture, jewelry, and other collectibles.

If you are just starting out, take a look at what you already have. You may have a collectible teddy bear, doll, a set of china, silverware, a rare porcelain vase, an old classic car, an antique pocket watch, or a rare piece of jewelry.

You have to have an idea of what to look for because not all old things are considered antique and many things that look like antiques may be reproductions. So be careful.

An easy way to start your own collection of antiques and collectibles is by keeping an eye out for old or rare coins that may pass through your hands. Gold and silver coins, stamps, baseball cards, first edition books and magazines, are good beginner collectibles.

A metal detector may be a good investment if you like walking on the beach or searching vacant lots and open fields. A lot of valuable coins and jewelry has been found using metal detectors.

Antiques stores, swap meets, and yard sales are good places to look, especially if you have an idea of what may be good buys. But again, be careful because some items may be chipped, broken, have discoloration, or an unusual amount of wear and tear.

Auctions may be the best source for antiques and collectibles because in most cases, the products have already been valued and you may catch a good buy on a day when no one else is interested in bidding on a particular item.

You can buy antique guides in your neighborhood book store or check them out at a library. There are also online sites that offer advice on collecting. Beware of making antique and collectible purchases online, especially from individuals, unless you are sure that you will get what you think you are buying.

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