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Antiques and Collectibles

That old junk your spouse has stored in the attic may be worth a small fortune.

Buying and selling, or collecting antiques for your own personal pleasure can be very rewarding and a lot of fun. In almost every city, large or small, antique shops can be found along streets and highways and in malls and shopping centers.

The antique business has always been around but with the popularity of the television series The Antiques Roadshow, the interest in antiques and collectibles has skyrocketed. On a recent episode of the show, a lady brought in a collection of baseball cards that dated back to the 1800's. It had been in the family for generations. To her surprise, the collection was valued at over $1,000,000.

What may appear to be worthless or mundane to you may have a lot of value to someone else, and vice versa, since antiques and collectibles can be almost anything.

The most valuable items may depend on how old they are or how rare they are, how they were made, who made them, and the material they were made of, or who wants them.

Antiques can be found at garage sales, warehouse liquidation sales, and most importantly, around your own home. Sometimes, a look in the attic or the basement, in the garage or barn, or right in your living room or bedroom, can yield a surprising amount of interesting items, some that may be worth more than you might think.

If the item was made by a particular company, or by a famous individual, the value may be significant. On many items, a signature or an initial, a number or grouping of numbers, an emblem, or some other identifying mark may determine what an antique is worth.

Old and rare baseball cards come to mind when you think about collectibles, and rightly so, because some of them sale for hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially if they are autographed by the player and the signature can be authenticated.

You may have an old car, a 1971 Plymouth Cuda, a 1970 Super Bee, a 1965 Pontiac GTO, a 1964 Ford Fairlane, or a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air rusting away in your garage, parked in the back yard, in a barn, or in a field. It may be worth a lot to someone who would like to restore it.

Certain dolls and other toys can be priceless if they are in good condition. This means it has been handled very little or very carefully and show little or no signs of wear and tear.

The antiques market is so varied and extensive that no one person can know everything about it. Those who buy and sell antiques as a business usually know what the market values are on what they are looking for and they develop a keen sense of what is profitable and what is not in a particular niche and that is what they focus on.

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