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A Worldwide Problem

It is going to be a difficult job convincing everyone, including individuals, industry, and most governments, to take a serious look at the uncontrolled consumption and waste of valuable resources that is putting the whole world on a path to known, and unknown, consequences.

Oil, gas, and other petroleum products, along with water and electricity, are resources that have to be conserved and protected and how they are protected and conserved is the key to having enough resources around for future generations.

Energy shortages are already affecting everyone. In many countries, gasoline prices are over five dollars per gallon and the prices are rising. Many experts believe that gas prices in the United States will eventually cost consumers over five dollars per gallon, too.

Why is gas getting so expensive? Why are electrical bills getting higher and higher? Why is clean water, used for irrigation and human consumption becoming so scarce. The answer to each question varies from rising worldwide demand, investor speculation, not enough operational oil refineries, extreme weather conditions, wars, to greed, hoarding, misuse, and waste.

Conservation should be a worldwide undertaking. One or two countries acting independently can't save the planet. It's going to take a concerted effort by all countries, big and small, rich and poor and a well thought out, workable, plan has to be put in place for individuals and businesses that will help develop conservation techniques that are easy to implement and easy to follow.

Is it doable? Yes, to a large extent, but realistically, it will take a lot of effort all around, especially when many government leaders won't acknowledge that these problems even exists.

You have to look at other countries, too. Many developing countries are trying to raise the standards of living for their citizens and are moving ahead at a rapid pace trying to modernize and to build new and better nfrastructure. This takes vast amounts of natural resources and energy.

Poorer, less developed countries cannot be expected to use conservation restraints when larger, more developed countries have not come to grips with conservation within their own borders.

Every year billions of dollars worth of renewable, reusable, resources are dumped into landfills as garbage or thrown into streams, rivers, and lakes and then makes its way into our oceans and seas. Much of the waste can be recycled and reused over and over again, but instead, it ends up polluting our drinking water and our food supply.

Most cities and municipalities in the United States have developed recycling programs that, to a large extent, work very well, and as more and more people are becoming aware of the seriousness of shortages and depletion of natural resources, the more they see the need to conserve, recycle, and reuse.

At some point in the future, alternative sources of energy are going to have to play a much bigger role in our lifestyles, and by all calculations, it has to be sooner than later. Saving energy and resources has to begin with people like you and me and the problems facing us all should be highlighted around the world in every country.

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