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Wind Power

The growing concerns about global warming and the effort to decrease our dependence on oil, gas, and petroleum based products make it necessary to find, promote and develop other sources of energy.

It is incumbent upon us to take a harder look at renewable sources of energy, some that have been in existence for hundreds of years, and expand upon them with today's technology.

One of those sources, wind power or windmills, has been used to generate electricity in this country for years, yet, unless you have seen a wind farm or read about one, you would not know they even exist.

But in the near future, you may see many more wind farms springing up all over the country.

California has led the way in wind farm development for many years and they are visible near Palm Springs and in the hilly areas near San Francisco.

Other states, including North Carolina, West Virginia, Minnesota, Texas, Massachusetts, Iowa, and North Dakota, are tapping into wind power and building wind farms.

In some areas, homeowners, farmers, and ranchers are installing windmills on their property to generate electricity for themselves. The technology is there to make it economically feasible and they are taking advantage of it.

There are large windmills already set up to generate power for residents of some towns and cities and other wind farm projects are under development.

Wind power is a non-polluting source of renewable energy that cuts environmental pollution and helps in the fight to stop global warming.

One of the main concerns of wind power opponents is the killing of birds and bats. Birds sometimes fly into the propellers of the wind mill and are seriously injured or killed.

Along with the electricity generated by the wind mills, there are other economic benefits for local businesses and individuals.

Building the wind farms and maintaining them takes many skilled and unskilled workers and entrepreneurs that could be tapped from the local population.

Some of the equipment and materials used and services rendered would come from the local business community, which would benefit the local economy.

Together, wind power, along with solar energy, hydro electricity, and geothermal power, can help move this country away from it's dependence on oil and gas and help the environment stay clean and healthy.

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