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Solar Power

Solar rays from the sun are a clean, renewable, and environmentally friendly source of energy that has been around for billions of years and will be around as long as the sun continues to shine, hopefully, for billions of years into the future.

Tapping into this energy source has become a major endeavor by companies around the world, both large and small.

Entrepreneurs are looking at ways to develop solar heating and cooling units to help reduce our needs for fossil fuels and lessen our dependency on foreign oil imports.

They are developing technology for producing solar generated electricity while making it more cost effective and user friendly for the average person.

Today, many new homes are being built with solar systems and other solar related devices to warm and cool them, thus diminishing the need and usage of natural gas.

And many older homes are being retrofitted with solar energy devices and other energy saving mechanisms to make them more efficient without losing comfort.

Solar mirrors, solar paneling, and photovoltaic cells convert sun rays into heat and electricity.

Compared to a conventional hot water heater, solar hot water heaters can reduce the costs of heating water in a home or business by nearly two thirds.

Most state governments and local municipalities offer incentives for installing solar energy systems in homes and businesses. There are also some federal incentives along with incentives from local utility companies.

Solar energy systems can be bought and installed by companies that are found in or near most communities.

Jobs and solar energy related businesses are being created to meet the demand for solar power.

Engineers, designers, installation technicians, servicing personnel, and marketing firms are sprouting up all around the country and the world to meet the growing need for alternative energy.

The manufacture of solar energy products and equipment, raw materials, and utility services help in the creation of employment opportunities for all levels of work in the business of solar power production.

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