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Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

It's easy to believe that what you don't see, don't exist, or what you don't see, can't hurt you.

A lot of the things we can't see around us are very dangerous, but since we don't see them, we don't worry about them. And since we don't worry about them, we don't do anything to clean up or get rid of the dangerous problems.

The danger you don't see may be hidden behind a thin sheet of metal or within a plastic covering that is no further away from you than your fingertips. It may not cause you harm unless it leaks out as a liquid or crumbles out in the form of dust particles, but if it does, it can cause serious health issues to you and your immediate environment. The danger may also be right in your face, out in the open, but unrecognizable.

With ever growing concerns about the overall health and welfare of our environment and the planet as a whole, including our oceans and rivers, the air we breathe, the food we eat, and with the real possibility of global warming, people are paying close attention to the ingredients in, and on, the products they use.

If you pay attention, you will hear such terms as "environmentally friendly," "eco friendly," "biodegradable," "sustainable products," "reusable water, "recycling," "phantom load," " and "going green," etc. Each term is meant to bring attention to things that can help the environment in a positive way.

What's at stake is the future of our children, grandchildren, and of generations to come.

As consumers, many of us are starting to buy more "environmentally friendly" merchandise and we are getting more involved in recycling, learning safe waste disposal techniques, and how to repair and reuse things that we would normally throw away.

With more and more coverage by media outlets along with high profile celebrities and politicians showing a willingness to get involved, the message is getting out that our environment is in dire need of attention, understanding, and assistance. If we want to continue to thrive and survive on planet earth and provide a healthy environment for our posterity, we must all take an active role in preserving the only planet we have to live on.

Although people have become more aware, there is still a lot that each of us can do as individuals. Everyone should make an effort, even in the smallest of ways, to help keep harmful elements out of our water supply, the air we breathe, and the food we eat.

We all use products that contain hazardous materials that can cause grave illnesses, contaminate our air, water, and land, and do serious harm to our children, our pets, and other to ourselves over time. Yet, we continue to buy and use them.

"Out of sight, out of mind." That assessment is totally wrong. What you can't see can cause serious harm to your health and the health of everybody else.

Even though we may not always see lead, mercury, petroleum based products, poisons and many other harmful elements that are present in products that we come in contact with on a daily basis, the danger is always present and is a serious menace to our lives.

For many, many years, toxic chemicals and other hazardous elements were dumped in landfills, sewer systems, our oceans, rivers, and lakes, and discarded onto vacant lots and farmland. Much of it was burned and carried into the atmosphere in smoke and ash. Many of those same toxic elements ended up in our drinking water and in our food supply.


Keep in mind that many of those same toxic products are still being used today in many products that we have in our homes. You can find them in paint, batteries, computers, televisions, petroleum products, appliances, and other thing that are used to enhance our lifestyles. They present a serious threat to our health and the health of our children and other family members.

Although you can't see many of the toxic materials that may be just a few inches from where you are sitting right now, it is imperative that you learn and understand as much as possible about the things you can do to help make your surrounding healthy and safe.

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