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Global Warming

An issue that is facing the whole world today, probably the most serious, is global warming. Global warming, if it turns out to be correct, threatens to change life on this planet (Earth) more drastically than anyone could imagine.

If scientist who are advocating the global warming issue are right, and global warming is real, the future of every living organism, including human beings, may be threatened with grave uncertainty, maybe even extinction.

The earth may be in serious danger of heating up, melting the polar ice caps, disrupting ocean currents and weather pattern around the globe, and putting large coastal areas, and possibly some interior land masses, under water.

Many scientists believe that global warming is caused by the burning of oil, gas, coal, and other fuels that release carbons, mercury, and other harmful elements into the atmosphere.

Acid rain, caused by the smoke, dust, mercury, carbon dioxide, and other pollutants that are emitted into the air from the burning of these fuels, have been known about and studied for years. And even if they don't cause global warming, they are still proven to be serious environmental hazards.

The development and use of alternative energy sources is not a new issue. For years, scientists around the world have proclaimed the need to move away from the use of fossil fuels to more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Auto manufacturers have been slow to embrace alternative sources because fossil fuels are still relatively abundant.

But with the increase in prices for oil, gasoline, and other oil based products, alternative energy sources are becoming more and more attractive and the auto industry is taking notice.

There is also public indignation over foreign domination of crude oil supplies and prices and the effect those countries are having on the world economy.

Although cars, buses, airplanes, ships, and other modes of transportation bare a lot of the blame, they are not the only causes of pollution.

There are issues with the deliberate burning of forests and natural forest fires that create tons of smoke and other pollutants in the air. And individually, all people pollute in one way or another.

Although the technology is there to clean up some of the unhealthy byproducts of fossil fuels, oil, gas, and coal still remain ecologically unsafe and the threat of global warming is more pronounced than ever.


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