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Fuel And Our Planet

We all know what the burning of oil, gas, coal, and other petroleum based products, does to the planet as it releases carbon and other pollutants into the air, water, and soil. But no one can say for sure what drilling does to the inner body of the earth.

Oil and natural gas may be the life blood of our planet and the real effects of pumping the oil out of the ground may be the death of the planet.

What oil drilling may be doing to the planet may be like draining blood from an animal or chlorophyll from a plant. In both cases, it causes death. So might it be for the earth.

Of all the speculation by scientists and others who study the makeup of the planet, no one really knows for sure why there is oil and gas. Could it be a lubricant for the earth's interior functions?

They say that is formed as a result of the decaying of dead organisms, plants and animals, that were around millions of years ago. Maybe that is true, but like everything else, there may be a purpose for it being there. Think about it.

The industrial revolution, although a big jump forward and a great benefit for mankind, may have been the beginning of the end of life as we know it. Some scientists believe that the beginning of the industrial revolution was the onset of global warming.

The drilling of oil and gas, and the taking of it out of the ground, may be just as much a cause of global warming as the burning of it. The two events combined may very well spell disaster for the planet.

Of course, this is all just speculation, but it should give everyone a reason to pause and think about what burning oil and gas, coal, and other fossil fuels is really doing to us and our planet and why we need to focus more attention on alternative energy sources.


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