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Question: What is ethanol?

Answer: Ethanol is a high octane alcohol that can be used as a gasoline substitute or it can be blended with gas (gasohol) to power cars, trucks, boats, buses, and other motor vehicles.

Question: Is ethanol environmentally friendly?

Answer: Ethanol is deemed to be a clean burning fuel that does not emit carbons and other harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, thus making it more environmentally friendly than gasoline and other fossil based fuels.

Question: Is it a sustainable energy source and can it be massed produced?

Answer: It is considered to be a renewable source of fuel because it is processed from plants and other organic materials that can be planted and harvested over and over again.

Question: Is there enough farm land available to make biofuels a realistic substitute for oil based fuels?

Answer: Some questions have arisen concerning the amount of farm land that is needed to grow and produce enough vegetation to make ethanol a realistic alternative energy source. But it is a viable source of energy that can be used in conjunction with fossil fuels and other alternative fuels.

Some people argue that if ethanol, biodiesel, and other biofuels are processed and used in large quantities to either replace or to be used in conjunction with fossil fuels, it may lead to hunger and famine in certain parts of the world.

This is because farmers may realize a bigger profit if they sell their crops to make fuel over what they would make if the same crops are sold for food.

Question: What crops are used to make ethanol?

Answer: Various plants can be used to make ethanol such as corn, sugar cane, wheat, sorghum, sugar beets, switchgrass, hemp, sweet potatoes, cassava and sunflowers. Wood, straw, cotton and other cellulose materials can also be used to make ethanol.


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