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Biodiesel Fuel

Question: What is biodiesel fuel?

Answer: Biodiesel is a renewable fuel that can be burned in cars, trucks, buses, boats, and other equipment with diesel engines. It can be used in homes and offices for heating and cooling purposes.

Biodiesel fuel can be used at one hundred percent strength or it can be blended with petroleum based diesel fuel.

Question: What is biodiesel fuel made from?

Answer: Biodiesel fuel is made from oil that is extracted from plants and processed to be burned in diesel engines. Biodiesel fuel can also be made from animal fats.

Question: What plants are used to make biodiesel fuel?

Answer: Biodiesel fuel is made from soybeans, peanuts, corn, conola, and other oil producing plants.

Question: Can oil and grease from restaurants that has already been used for frying be used in diesel engines.

Answer: Vegetable oils that have already been used for cooking in homes and restaurants can be used in diesel engines if it is recycled, filtered, and cleaned of all residue that may be harmful to the engine.

Question: Can biodiesel fuel be used in any diesel engine?

Answer: Biodiesel can be burned in most diesel engines, providing that they have not been modified.

Question: Are car companies and oil companies trying to develop biodiesel and other non-gas burning cars.

Answer: Car manufacturers, oil companies, independent entrepreneurs, and government agencies are hard at work designing, testing, and engineering cars that use biofuels to offset our dependence on fossil fuels.

Question: How long is it going to take to get the biofuel car market to get into high gear?

Answer: Biofuels are already being used extensively by cities, states, the postal service, the army, air force, and other governmental agencies that use large fleets of cars.

The use of biodiesel fuels is slowly but surely starting to make it into the general car buying population but the process is going to take time. But with the price of gas and oil getting progressively higher, it is going to happen much quicker than you may think.


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