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Teen Living

The lifestyle of a teenager is often defined by the way they look at themselves and how they think others see them.

Teen living is the process in which young people, known as teenagers, learn to cope with life as they transition from adolescence into adulthood. During these years, teenagers develop mentally, physically, and emotionally as they grow into independent and self reliant adults.

The life of a teenagers holds many challenges that will help mold them into the adults they will become and have an effect on how they live the rest of their lives. Teens are expected to learn to take care of themselves, make adjustments in their lifestyles when necessary, gain and incorporate skills that will help them throughout their lifetime, and develop positive social traits that they can use in private and public settings.

Teens are expected to go to school, interact with their peers, build relationships, take responsibility for decisions they make, learn to communicate effectively, and learn to make the distinctions between right and wrong on their own.

The lifestyles of teens can be very complicated, yet in simple in many ways. Most teens live their lives according to things that are popular at the time. The clothes they wear, the music they listen to, the games they play, television shows, hair styles, and popular foods are all a part of teen living.

Teenagers are always under pressure from peers, family members, and society as a whole. They are concerned about how they look, what they wear, who their friends are, and what other people think about them. They have hopes, dreams, and a desire to be loved and respected, understood and appreciated and they want to be given the opportunity to be who they are without a lot of interference from others, especially their parents or guardians.

The life of a teenager takes many twists and turns that shape and influence the way they live throughout adulthood. Friends, school, fashion, music, television, movies, games, sports, and social activities dominate teenage years are interwoven into the way teens interact with each other, their families, and the rest of the world.

Certain milestones are reached during teenage years such as starting high school, getting a driver's license, first dates, going to the prom, graduating from high school, and starting college. This is also a time when some children start experimenting with drugs, alcohol, and sex.

The way a teen lives his life during his or her teenage years will impact the rest of their lives so it is important that they have all the tools they need to learn, grow, and mature into well adjusted human beings.

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