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Remembering Your Teen Years

Many of the most memorable times of life are those spent during teenage years.

As people grow older, many of their most important memories are associated with events that occur during years spent as a teenager in which events, exploits, and milestones remain embedded in their conscious and subconscious minds for the rest of their lives.

No matter how old you get, you still remember many of the things you did as a teenager. Why we remember things is a mystery, but most people treasure the memories they have, especially the good ones spent with family and friends.

You never forget classmates, teachers, the things that made you happy, the things that made you sad, things that happened on specific dates, who you were with when those things happened, where you were when they happened, and how you felt at the time.

The things you do as a teenager are reflected in your thoughts and actions throughout your lifetime. As you grow older, you may not remember everything but you do remember the things that had an impact on your life.

You remember your favorite music, television shows, and games you played. You remember how exciting it was to learn to to drive, when you got your driver's license, and the first time you drove alone.

You remember your first date, your first kiss, who you went to the prom with, what your wore to the prom, your favorite teacher, your first job, preparing for college, and other things that affected your life as a teenager.

A song can bring back a memory of something that was happening in your life when you were a teenager. You may see someone who resembles a friend or an acquaintance you had long ago or for some reason, a person you knew pops into your mind.

It is common to dream about things you did as a teenager that you hadn't thought of in years and you wake up wondering what that was all about.

Some people had rather not remember their teen years because they bring back bad memories. Maybe they were not popular with their peers, they were bullied, or there may have been a tragic event during that time and they would rather foreget.

Whether good or bad, your teen years set the stage for everything you do in life.

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