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Crystal Meth

Facts about crystal meth and the reasons it is so detrimental to your mental and physical health.

What are methamphetamines? Methamphetamines are white crystallized substances that stimulate the central nervous system and causes changes in a persons mood and mental capacity. Methamphetamines can be made from antifreeze, drain cleaners, battery acid, lighter fluid, over the counter drugs and other ingredients that are lethal to the body.

What is Crystal Meth? Crystal meth is short for crystal methamphetamine. It is just one form of methamphetamine that is taken for recreational use. Crystal meth is known to cause long term negative effects on the mental and physical health of the user.

How are methamphetamines taken? Methamphetamines can be taken in several ways. It can be smoked, injected with a needle, inhaled (snorted) through the nose, or taken orally by mouth.

What are the effects of taking methamphetamines? Methamphetamines cause a false sense of euphoria, confidence, and gives the user a sudden rush of energy. Methamphetamines often cause the user to become aggressive, psychotic, and self destructive.

How long does a methamphetamine high last? The effects can last anywhere from 6 to 8 hours and sometimes up to 24 hours. The length of the high depends on the users mind and body's ability to deal with it's toxic nature.

Are methamphetamines addictive? Yes! Methamphetamines are very potent and highly addictive. Some people become addicted, especially to crystal meth, the very first time they use the drug.

What are the long term effects on the body? Methamphetamines are a mixture of chemicals that can destroy the mind and body. Some people develop heart, kidney, liver, and lung disease with bouts of long and short memory loss, amnesia, insomnia, high blood pressure, mental illness, and other ailments.

Can a person overdose on methamphetamines? Yes! If a user's addiction is not brought under control, it can lead to brain damage, damage to their cardiovascular system, and in many cases, overdosing, coma, and death.

Who are the people who use crystal meth and other forms of methamphetamines? Methamphetamine use is not relegated to any one group of people. It is used and abused by individuals of all age groups in all communities that include large and small cities, suburbs, and rural areas.

How can I tell if someone I know is using methamphetamines? There are warning signs such as dilated pupils, erratic behavior, sudden loss of weight, sudden bouts of acne with skin becoming dry, spotty and bruised, loss of teeth, and a dramatic change of appearance.

Many methamphetamine users are sensitive to noise, go through bouts of extreme anorexia, are unable to sleep and seem confused. They may have bouts of diarrhea, constipation, tremors, excessive sweating, and headaches.

If you find syringes, spoons, needles, razor blades, straws, surgical tubing, mirrors on coffee tables, smoking pipes, or other drug paraphernalia in a room, chances are that someone is using illicit drugs.

What are the slang names for methamphetamines?

  • (1) Crystal Meth, Ice, Glass, Crystal, Meth, Crank, Black Beauties, Go-fast, Tweak, Chalk, Uppers, Speed.

What should I do if I have a friend or family member who is taking methamphetamines? If you know someone who is taking methamphetamines, urge them to get help and tell someone of authority who can intervene immediately.

Where can I get information about drug abuse and addiction? Visit these website's, www.freevibe.com or www.whitehousedrugpolicy.gov to get information about drugs abuse and addiction. They offer a wide array of options about getting help. You can also get information by calling this toll free number, 800-729-6686 or linea gratis en espanol 877-767-8432.


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