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Facts about inhalants and how they affect your brain.

What are inhalants? Inhalants are fume releasing substances that gives the user a false sense of euphoria. People, especially children, use inhalants as recreational drugs. They are very dangerous and should not be used for any reason any reason other than what they are intended for. The fumes cause an immediate high because they affect the brain at a much quicker speed and with greater force than other drugs.

Where are inhalants found? Inhalants are found in homes, garages, offices, construction sites. Many other places are stocked with inhalant rich products that are in easy reach of children. You may be surprised to learn that there are products in your home right now that your child can use to get high on. But it's not just children who are using inhalants, so are many adults. Although household products serve useful purposes, if used in the wrong way, they can be deadly.

What are some products that have chemicals in them that can be used as inhalants? Chemicals that can used as inhalants are found in products such as glue, paint, paint thinner, cleaning fluids, nail polish remover, gasoline, propane, aerosol cans, cooking spays, and other products.

What are some slang terms used for inhalants? Glue, Texas Shoeshine, Poppers, Sniff, Huff, Kick, Whippets and Bang are just a few.

How are inhalants used to get high? Inhalants are either sniffed through the nostrils or sprayed or huffed through the mouth. They are sniffed from rags, inhaled from cotton or cloth, or from balloons and plastic or paper bags.

Are there harmful effects associated with inhalants? Inhalants are known to cause irreversible mental and physical damage to people who use them because the fumes choke off oxygen from both the brain and the heart. This causes the heart to beat faster and irregularly.

Can inhalants cause death? Yes! Inhalants have been found to kill instantly by causing individuals to die from suffocation, choking on their own vomit, or from having a reaction that causes a heart attack. There are reported cases in which the user died the first time they ingested inhalants.

Inhalants can have a devastating affect, not only on the brain, but also on the kidneys, lungs, liver, the muscles, the stomach, and on your hearing. Nosebleeds and nausea are also common with the use of inhalants.

How long does an inhalant high last? The effects can last for only a few minutes to few hours depending on the type of chemicals in the inhalant and the individual's body and mind's reaction to them.

How can you tell if someone is high on inhalants? There are telltale signs that someone is using inhalants to get high but some of the signs are common with the use of other drugs such as slurred speech, blood shot eyes, being in a daze, or dizzy. More obvious signs are chemical smells on their clothing, paint stains on their face or body, and the appearance of being in a stupor or drunk.

What should I do if I have a friend or family member who are using inhalants to get high? If you know someone who is using inhalants to get high, urge them to get help and tell someone of authority who can intervene immediately.

Where can I get information about drug abuse and addiction? Visit these website's, www.freevibe.com or www.whitehousedrugpolicy.gov to get information about drugs abuse and addiction. They offer a wide array of options about getting help. You can also get information by calling this toll free number, 800-729-6686 or linea gratis en espanol 877-767-8432.


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