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Drug And Alcohol Abuse And Addiction

It's important to understand why drugs and alcohol are detrimental to your mental and physical well being.

Depending on how they are used, drugs and alcohol can be helpful or harmful to the body. Drugs and alcohol are substances that can:

  • Alter the mind and physical functions of the body

  • Help regulate the mental and physical functions of the body

  • Hinder or depress normal mental and physical abilities

  • Enhance mental and physical capabilities

  • Enhance abnormalities that exist in the mind and body

  • Suppress abnormalities that exist in the mind and the body

  • Change, for good or bad, the way a person feels.

Drugs are used for the suppression of pain, and the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and cure of diseases and other disorders that affect the body, often as stimulants or depressants.

If drugs are misused, not administered correctly, or used in excessive amounts, they can become addictive and often causes the user to become dependent on them. An addiction is a compulsive disorder that attracts an individual to a habit forming substance. Once hooked, the and mind becomes altered in a way that makes the individual desire the substance on a regular basis and the addiction is hard to break. Over time, drugs can become detrimental to the mental, and sometimes the physical, well being of the user.

Some people use drugs to cope with life, anxiety, depression, and other mental and physical ailments and become addicted before they realize, or are willing to admit, that they have a problem. Some people can function normally when addicted while others fall apart. But even those who appear to function normally will eventually hit rock bottom if they don't get help combating the addiction.

How quickly one becomes addicted to a substance depends on how the mind and body reacts to it. One person may become addicted after taking a drug just once whereas another person may take the same drug many times and quit when it suits him or her.

Drug abuse and addiction is much more than just a fleeting topic that is discussed on television talk shows and news programs. It is a serious problem that has a negative impact on the lives of people around the world. Many people get caught up in a lifestyle of drinking and taking drugs, initially for what they consider is having fun or hanging with the popular crowd.

Although most people think of drug addicts as grownups who should know better, the truth of the matter is that many people who become drug addicts and alcoholics start at a young age and as they grow older, their habits become more pronounced. In reality, a person who has never taken anything more than an aspirin in their life can become hooked on pain pills, crystal meth, cocaine, marijuana, or alcohol at any age. Sometimes, all they have to do is try it once.

Once addicted, you can stop taking drugs but you will always be an addict and this means that at any time, you may relapse and start abusing drugs and/or alcohol again.

Some people can hide their addiction better than others but regardless, they are still addicts and eventually, other people will see the truth.

Remember, drug addiction and alcoholism are diseases that get worse over time if not treated aggressively. Drug addicts are found in every corner of the country, in cities, suburbs, and in rural areas. You can blame others, but before you do, take a look at your own home.

Prescription drugs that are used for pain or other problems, alcoholic beverages that you drink socially on weekends or to wind down after work, over the counter medications that you keep in the home for colds, flu, and other maladies are ripe pickings for anyone in the home who wants to get high. This includes young children, teenagers, and adults of all ages, including seniors.

You may need to seek help in finding ways to treat your drug or alcohol addictions. There are counselors, treatment centers, and support groups available to help you overcome your dependence. You have to understand, though, that it may take a long time, sometimes years, to get people, young or old, to stop abusing drugs, and in many cases, they never do.

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