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Drug Addiction

Someone you know may be addicted to drugs and you can't see it.

Billions of dollars are spent each year on drugs, including drugs that are approved and regulated by laws and those that are sold illegally.

Drugs are substances that have an effect on the mind and body in ways that may be helpful or harmful, depending on the type of drug, the amount used, and how the mind and body reacts to it.

There are many good drugs with untold benefits for humans, animals, and plants and then there are drugs that are detrimental to the health and welfare of living organisms.

One of the worst case scenarios for human beings and the use of drugs is addiction. Drug addiction is considered a disease of the mind and body that is brought on by an intense need to partake in the use of any substance. The addiction comes about when the user has a hard time disassociating him or herself from the substance.

Drug addiction is a worldwide problem that can make it's way into your life with relative ease. Addiction does not discriminate. It doesn't matter your age, race, gender, religious affiliation, or how many times you say it can't happen to you. The reality is that drugs are everywhere, even in your home right now.

Drugs can find a way into the hearts and minds of the people you respect, love, and cherish. If you take a look around, there may be someone, a son or daughter, a husband or wife, co-worker, or your own mother or father, who is addicted to one type of drug or another.

The list of addicts you know may also include your minister or someone you fellowship with in church, a local police officer, mailman, mayor, your child's teacher, your neighbor, or your best friend. Because you don't see it doesn't mean that it's not happening right in front of you. No one is immune to becoming addicted to drugs, not even you!

It is relatively easy to get addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, but once the cycle begins, it is very hard to kick the habit. Luckily, there are treatment options for people who want to quit addiction and take control of their lives. With help, including therapy and the use of careful institution of useful medications, a person can slowly recover from the powerful grip of addiction.

The first and most important step in getting control of your life once you are addicted is admitting to yourself that you are an addict. The second step is getting help by admitting yourself into a treatment center and then go through programs that are specifically designed for recovering addicts.

As a recovering addict, you must understand that you will always be an addict and in many cases, the addict relapses again and again before they can become strong enough to fight the urges to use drugs again. This may take months, years, or a lifetime. Some people never fully recover. It is also important to know that the urges to start using again may come back years later.

Most recovering addicts are fortunate to have family and friends who are willing to help the addict get through the ups and downs of withdrawal symptoms such as depression, fatigue, anxiety, anger, tremors, chills, and other aches and pains. A support system is needed for an effective recovery.

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