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Senior Discounts

The current economic downturn that we are in is causing most people to look for ways to save money and stretch their hard earned dollars.

Many senior citizens have been especially hard hit. Like everyone else, seniors lost money in the stock market crash, the downturn in the housing market, and in their 401(k)s and other investments. Now, it's imperative for them to seek ways to manage their living expenses and to be more prudent with their spending habits.

And like everyone else, seniors cannot live healthy lives by sitting at home worrying about their futures. They need to get out and live active lifestyles so they can stay fit and mentally sound. But being active can be expensive and many seniors depend on limited income and other resources to live.

This is why senior discounts are so important. Many businesses offer great discounts to senior citizens and these discounts can add up to big savings. They can make senior living a little more affordable, especially for seniors who live on Social Security and/or retirement income.

Certain restaurants, especially the larger chains, offer special discounts for seniors that can add up to 10% or more and some have specially crafted meals for seniors that cost less than regular meals on their menus. For many seniors, this is great news because it makes it affordable to dine out.

Some grocery stores, pharmacies, clothing stores, insurance companies, and retail outlets offer substantial discounts to seniors.

For seniors who love to travel, some hotel chains offer great discounts for seniors and so does AmTrak, certain airlines, rental car services, and cruise lines. Movie theaters, bowling alleys, fishing boats, national, state, and local parks, and other businesses give discounts to seniors, too.

Seniors must be able to show identification proving that they are old enough to qualify for certain discounts. They can use Medicare Cards, Senior Citizen ID Cards from the DMV, their driver's license, or other forms of government issued identification.

There are many websites on the internet that offer directories for senior discounts. Some require that you sign up on their site and others offer their services for a fee. Most senior discounts can be located without paying a service fee. Senior discounts can be found in local newspapers and through organizations like AARP.

Seniors should be careful not to give their Social Security numbers, addresses, drivers license numbers, or any personal information when going on the internet or over the telephone.

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